Join the Circle


An opportunity to join The Design Circle is being offered to designers attending the 2014 agIDEAS Look Upstairs.

The Design Circle has been created to provide an informal meeting point for young and emerging designers to share their thoughts and experiences, stimulated by special events and discussion leaders. Originally initiated by the the John Truscott Design Foundation as the Truscott Design Circle, it is now expanded and stimulated by the involvement of agIDEAS. It is now simply, but uniquely called The Design Circle.

Earlier events have brought young designers from diverse fields to meet ‘behind the scenes’ at ACMI, the Melbourne Arts Centre, The Museum, Tapestry Workshop, the City of Melbourne – all providing access to the creative planning in open discussion (and hospitality) with the lead management, focussing on the role and impact of design.

Opportunities to engage in design thinking and contribution for projects in City events and planning have also given stimulus to the members active interest.

If this holds appeal for you and you would like to know more about becoming involved with The Design Circle, send your name, contact details, and current role or area of study in design to Martin Carlson, click the link below.


Martin Carlson OAM
John Truscott Design Foundation


We hope to build The Design Circle into an envied ‘member’ group in the field of design. This personal invitation is a special opportunity to be part of this experience.