For more information about John’s life, you can visit the following institutions. They hold extensive archives of his work and associated information:

Arts Centre Melbourne-Performing Arts Collection Research Centre

Allows you to search online or make an enquiry for more specific information.

Contains a great resource of itemized and cataloged materials regarding Truscott; his designs, personal items and research items; including awards and mementos, stage props, set models, costume designs, programmes, personal and business letters, newspaper clippings and a huge photographic record from St Martins theatre days through to his Oscar Award winning Hollywood films.

Check the Foundation Collection here


The State Library of Victoria
Range of manuscripts, photographs, texts and papers referring to John Truscott. Can be accessed online or in person.


The John Truscott Design Foundation

Whilst we act primarily as a source of support for current designers, we also have a wealth of knowledge all things John Truscott! Please contact us via our contact page if you wish to find out or discuss any information about John and his work.

For further information about the early years of Truscott’s lifeclick here.

For further information re work in Victoria, Arts Centre Melbourne and The Brisbane World Expo, click here.

For further information relating to his work establishing The Melbourne International Festival of the Artsclick here.