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John Truscott

As a theatre designer, festival director and Academy Award winning film designer, John Truscott is one of Australia’s most successful designers and director of the arts. In his hometown, Truscott had the foresight to change Melbourne from a city unaware of its potential, to a city bustling with world-class arts events and a culture. This is undoubtedly his greatest legacy.

It is a legacy that has spread across many areas of the Melbourne arts landscape to help build and sustain the vibrant culture of design we are now so familiar with. For four years, John designed the spectacular interior finishes to the Arts Centre  and in the process drew together a remarkable collection of artists from around the country who helped realize his ambitious plans. As artistic director of the Melbourne International Festival, Truscott took the event out into the streets, parks and laneways of the city and transformed them into splendid, celebratory spaces that had the whole of Melbourne seeing them in an entirely new light.

John also worked as a skilled theate designer, first in Melbourne and then in London. He won numerous awards, and at the invitation of film director, Joshua Logan, he left fit Hollywood. He spent the next fourteen years in America where he won Academy Awards in art direction and costume design for Camelot (starring Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Harris and Franco Nero). Two years later, he was nominated again for art direction on Paint Your Wagon (starring Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin)

John’s ambitious designs were realized time and time again, whether in Australia or overseas. Melbourne arts as we know it, is a testament to the unique ideas and strategies headed by Truscott and pursued by a team of talented designers and project managers. The John Truscott Design Foundation seeks to uphold the values left behind by John and cultivate the new forthcoming designers who wish to make an impact.